About Rental

  • Your reservation is considered as completed only when you have received our confirmation letter. You are required to present the print out or the e-copy of the confirmation letter in order to enjoy our service.

  • All the rental products must be returned before 6 pm. Any late return after 6 pm will incur a surcharge of HK$150.

  • If the customer wants to rent for more than 1 day, we will charge additional fee of HK$100/day and has to confirm and pay before the rental. 

  • Each customer has 30 mins to choose Qipao and enjoy the hair style service.

  • Please arrive 10 mins before the rental period. If late more than 10 mins, the hair style service will be cancelled. If late more than 20 mins, we will consider as the cancellation of the whole service. No refund for the above situation.

  • We provide different sizes of costumes. You may need to mark down your height and measurements upon reservation ("Add your Message" field) so that we can prepare suitable costumes for you in advance.

    • Qipao: XS-XL for adult & 90, 100, 120 for children

    • Cheongsam: 120, 170, 180

    • Tang Zhuang: 90, 100, 120, 170, 180

  • Light colored underwear and plain colored high heels/flat shoes are recommended for wearing Qipao.

  • For gentlemen and boys who choose Cheongsam, please bring your own dark pants.

  • Please bring your valuable belongings with you by putting them in the handbag we provided. 

  • For other belongings, you can temporarily stored in our locker. There is a storage fee of HK$50/luggage and maximum 2 luggages are allowed to keep in our shop until the customer has returned the costumes to us on that day. Additional surcharge of HK$100/each is required for oversize luggage.

  • Any stains, damages or loss of our products will be subjected to a penalty of HK$200-500 depends on the actual condition.

Reschedule or cancel the reservation

  • For reschedule, please notify by email at least 3 days before the booking. The new booking time must be within 60 days from the original booking. The booking can be rescheduled once only.

  • For cancellation, please notify by email at least 3 days before the booking. Otherwise, the prepaid reservation fee cannot be refunded. 

Special Arrangements Under Inclement Weather Conditions
When The Hong Kong Observatory issued typhoon signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal, the following arrangements will be made:

  • Rental Service:

    • If the Typhoon Signal No. 8 and Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled before 2 pm, the shop will resume business within 3 hours after the signal is cancelled.

    • If the Typhoon Signal No. 8 and Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is still in effect after 2 pm, the store will have the opportunity to suspend the business.

    • The shop will provide limited rental services depending on weather conditions.

    • Customers can pay attention to the instant announcement of the website page, Facebook page or call the shop.

    • During the suspension period, we will cancel all the reservation. Please contact us for further arrangement.

    • Your appointment will remain valid if your reservation time slot is after the resumption of business.

    • If you are unable to attend due to the typhoon signal No. 8, please call us at least 2 hours before the appointment time to cancel or reschedule.

    • If the customers are requested to change the rental period due to typhoon signal no. 8 or black rainstorm warning signal, please contact us to reschedule the booking as soon as possible.

  • Return arrangement:

    • If the Typhoon Signal No. 8 and the Black Rainstorm Signal are cancelled before 2 pm, the stop will resume operation within 3 hours after the signal is cancelled. Customers can return the costumes after the resuming of the business.

    • If the Typhoon Signal No. 8 and the Black Rainstorm Signal are still in effect after 2 pm, the shop will have the opportunity to suspend business. The shop will confirm the return of the costumes by email, phone or Whatsapp.

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